About Us

KÜKRER Uluslararası Nakliyat Tur. Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş., was established by Sabri GÜLEL and Serkan GÜLEL, the owners of KÜKRE Gıda ve İhtiyaç Maddeleri Pazarlama San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. (KEMAL KÜKRER) in Antalya in 2012, and actively launched its business operations in 2018 with the purpose of carrying out international refrigerated transportation business.

Following the acquisition by Ajinomoto, a Japanese food company, of Kemal Kükrer in 2017, the Company has become the flagship of GÜLEL family and pursues its operations in its head office located in Kağıthane Istanbul, including industry-based revenue bringing real estate investments, construction as well as the asset management of GÜLEL family.

A young and original company, KÜKRER A.Ş. has embraced the philosophy “doing the best or doing the undoeable” as its fundamental principle in all its business operations as this principle features business development, productivity growth and innovative approach. KÜKRER A.Ş. started its business operations in 2018 as o of those rare principled companies that promotes this philosophy, and it will make a showcase of its difference in this respect in all its business industries in future.

Making a showcase of its differences compared to its best competitors in business and believing that “the place of a business in the industry is not its “inevitable fate”, all our employees primarily focus on reaching an international corporate identity status, pursuing this goal by growing and increasing the productivity as well.

In addition to its target to make a profit from its business operations, KÜKRER A.Ş. also wishes to add value to its brands, employees and all its stakeholders. It firmly stands with great strength against national and international agencies thanks to its in-house regulations and independent and in-house audits.

KÜKRER A.Ş. has a highly secure accumulation of knowledge for more than 40 years backed by a shareholding and capital structure fit for a fast but controlled growth.

KÜKRER A.Ş.’s presence in revenue-bringing real estate investments still holds up in warehousing/ logistics as well as education sector. Accordingly, it is at the service of education institutions like ITU Doğa College in campuses with a capacity of 3500 students sprawling over 30.000m², and provides warehousing/ logistics services to leading brands like Arcelik over a 65,000m² area.

In construction sector, the foundations of ESVADI “Nice Home Nice Life” project were laid down in March 2021. This project consists of 3 phases and 700 houses/ offices.

KÜKRER A.Ş. soundly exploits business operations in different sectors as it continues to manage securities investments of other GÜLEL family companies, including KARAS Otelcilik Turizm A.Ş (TOURISM), BAH Eğitim Turizm Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş. (FOOD) and GÜLEL Akaryakıt Otomotiv Nakliyat Turizm Tic. San. Ltd. Şti. (Energy).