Warehousing and Logistics

Warehouse 1

The Company made its first investment in the warehousing and logistics industry in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Site in 2014; this investment covers an indoor surface area of 40,000m² within a 76,634m² plot of land. Equipped with the state-of-art systems, this warehouse provides warehousing and logistics services to leading brands in Turkey, including Arçelik and Beko.

Warehouse 2

Thanks to the success stories of our initial investment in warehousing industry, we decided to grow further in this field and we launched a second warehouse with a closed surface area of 23,000m² over a 37,735.76m² plot of land in Eskişehir Organized Site again in 2018. A deal was struck with Anadolu Cam, the leading name of the national manufacturing industry, for logistics services.